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Pricing for IT services can differ significantly, influenced by the specific mix of services required and the unique demands of your business. The following options are intended to provide a basic overview. To obtain a solution tailored to your business's distinct needs, we recommend a personalized quote derived from an in-depth consultation.

Whether your business requires simple monitoring and maintenance, advanced cybersecurity and backup solutions, or strategic planning and consulting services, we are equipped to deliver a solution that aligns with virtually any business requirement.

per user

A lot of businesses operate with multiple devices per user and seek a seamless experience across all platforms. The cost for achieving this, which encompasses varying degrees of support and security, typically ranges from $50 to $200 per user, per month.

per device

For scenarios involving shared devices, part-time staff, and various other considerations, some opt for a per-device support model. The cost for this, reflecting the degree of support and security provided, generally falls between $25 and $100 per device, per month.

Project Work

Management of existing infrastructure is conducted on a reoccurring monthly basis. Services such as infrastructure upgrades, strategic IT planning, cybersecurity assessments, and additional consulting offerings are provided based on a customized quote.

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